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ARCO Memory Group

The Source for Memory Solutions

ARCO Memory Group has over 20 years of experience supporting our customers with a dedicated team of specialists with in-depth product knowledge necessary to recommend the best memory solutions for each application.

The portfolio includes DRAM, SRAM, NOR Flash, EEPROM and NAND Flash products ranging from select technology package combinations no longer supported by Tier 1 suppliers to the latest die and technology products.

Real time visibility of the global memory market with access to a strategically positioned global inventory enables ARCO to effectively manage the dynamics of the memory market through the customer's entire product life cycle

The linecard includes Franchise Products supporting legacy and leading edge memory and Authorized Channel products with state of the art memory technologies from the leading manufacturers with the advantage of competitive pricing based on volume procurement and access to global inventory Memory Line Card

Volatile Memory Non-Volatile Memory
    DDR3 DDR2 DDR1 SDRAM     Parallel & Serial
    Pseudo SRAM     Serial
    Graphic DDR     SPD
    Modules     Parallel
    Asynchronous SRAM     SLC
    Synchronous SRAM     MLC

Memory Group Advantage

  • In-depth knowledge of dynamic memory market
  • Established Global Industry Relationships
  • Dynamic global price visibility and price trend management
  • Product Life Cycle Support
    Design - Prototype - Production - EOL
  • Memory die revision management
  • Device obsolescence management